XXI International Exhibition of Beauty Industry
See you after the victory! • IEC, Kyiv, Ukraine

Are you starting your business in the beauty industry?

Or maybe you already have your business? We know how to make your brand bright, noticeable and stylish! Here you will find everything you were looking for.
 Are you starting your business in the beauty industry?
Complete design of the brand from scratch. From logo design to full design of workspace and outdoor advertising.
BeautySpecial develops the product together with experienced designers and illustrators. In developing our products, we consult with leading experts in the beauty industry. You get a high-quality product for your needs.
Our company will be your reliable partner in the following areas of work:

Publishing of gliders, customer cards, manuals, posters, calendars, certificates, envelopes and a huge range of products;

Creating a brand and its promotion from the ground up (development of brand book, logo, corporate identity development, packaging and label design. Printing on T-shirts, sweatshirts, cups, masks, shoppers; interior signs, facade signs, banners, complex design of premises, offices, salons and more.

Creating a turnkey site, according to your needs, site business cards, landings (one-page sites), quick collection of the project for a niche test. Development for your brand. Brand book development, promotion, online store, social networks, target Launch of advertising campaigns on social networks, precise setting of audiences and campaign goals. Optimization of advertising budgets, accurate hit right in the heart of the future client.